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St. George Flooding

Few things can be as devastating in St. George as flooding in your home. Although we live in a very dry desert climate, flooding is still possible. Because of our lack of steady rainfall along with soil that has a high amount of clay, when we do receive precipitation, our St. George desert floor does not absorb it well and leads to flooding. With the powerful storm cells that have passed through St. George recently, the most damaging occurring Sunday, we see our area’s inability to handle excess water. Many homes and businesses in the St. George area sustained terrible flooding. HiCaliber of St. George is ready to help you with any home disaster from fires to floods, from cleanup to dealing with the insurance companies. Call us today for quick relief from local flooding at (435) 674-9338 or visit us online at http://801website.com/hicaliber

Photo: Richard Allaway

St. George Flood Damage Repairs

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Several engineers came to St. George from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to assess damages from our recent floods and observe the improvements that were made to the river channels since the flooding in 2005.  The erosion control structures that were erected following the 2005 flood were successful in river mitigation and in minimizing the potential damage with regards to our recent floods.  HiCaliber is grateful to the Natural Resource Conservation Services for the improvements that were made and the possible disasters they helped stop from happening.  HiCaliber specializes in disaster clean up and restoration. If you experience mold, sewage fire or water damage, call us at 435-674-9338 or visit http://801website.com/hicaliber.

New Bridge Prevents Flooding

Several homes near the Valley View Bridge in St. George have experienced flooding and water damage in the past.  But, the City of St. George is happy to announce a new bridge is now in place to help prevent flooding. The City of St. George has had the Valley View Bridge on a list of projects for years but has not had the money to do it. The City was able to complete the project and the new bridge will work to prevent flooding from taking such a toll in the future.  If you’ve just experienced a water leak in your home or office, you could be facing anything from minor to serious water damages.  HiCaliber is there to mitigate your water damage through our highly trained and licensed team. Call us at 435-674-9338 or visit us at http://801website.com/hicaliber/water-damage .